Decorated Cakes

Delight in three layers of cake paired with two generous layers of filling. DeEtta's uses real buttercream, offers a variety of flavors and fillings, and tailors everything — from taste to design — to your personal preferences.

Fresh Bread

There is nothing like the aroma and taste of freshly-baked bread. We use traditional methods (without additives or preservatives) to ensure the best taste and quality possible. You can find us working in the wee hours of the morning mixing, kneading, and making each loaf by hand.


Sweet Pastries

Danishes, muffins, and scones ... oh my! Start your morning off right with a sweet treat from our bakery. Need a little pick-me-up any time of day? Look no further than our delicious selection of cookies, brownies, macarons, eclairs, and other goodies.