February is one of our favorite times at the bakery. 

From preparing for Paczki Day to crafting cute Valentine’s Day treats, the bakery is brimming with sweets and treats that only happen once a year ... which makes them particularly special to us. We look forward to making them for you!

We are rapidly approaching Paczki Day on February 9th; don't forget to reserve one or two for yourself by calling to place your pre-order NOW through February 6th! Click here for the full list of flavors.

As for the rest of the month, you can expect to see a special post-Valentine's Day giveaway hosted on our Facebook and Instagram, as well as sneak peeks at all the DeEtta's scratch-made goodies you can order for your sweetie. 

We just love this holiday, it's a great opportunity to treat your parents, grandparents, children, spouse, friends, teachers ... any and all of the special people in your life! 

Here's to the sweetness of February! We're honored to be part of your table. 

Kevin & Morgan